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The top Plano Garage Door company just became a little bit better. Introducing our new online savings for all garage door repairs, services and products!

This summer American Best Door Service will be offering several extreme discounts online through our garage door coupons on our website. Plano garage door services have become our number one city for finding clients who need a reliable garage door company. To redeem savings call us at 972-698-6031 and ask us about our online specials!

What is wrong with my Garage Door?

  1. Broken Garage door Spring:One of the most common problems with Garage Doors is the torsion spring gets old and eventually breaks. You can tell if you have a broken garage door spring by looking above the door when it is closed. If you see a long spring that is in 2 peices, it’s now supposed to be that way.
    Plano Garage Door Broken Garage Door Spring

    We are extremely proficient in repairing broken springs and are happy to help! We also offer great online coupons for garage door spring repairs.

  2. Garage Door Opener“Garage Door Opener doesn’t work” – The garage door opener (garage door motor that opens the door) is another common problem that our clients run into. Many older models of garage door openers slowly fall apart and eventually don’t work. We are direct distributors of all major brands of garage door openers, as well as being versed in repairing any errors to your garage door operator. For more information about our garage door services click here.
  3. “My garage door sensors (infrared sensors) don’t work” – Unfortunately many plano garage door companies have been known to rush installations in order to flip a job and move on to the next. This results in improper placement and durability of your garage door infrared sensors. As this is a simple job more often than not we also offer free consultations on general long term maintenance to keep your garage working great year after year.