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Troubleshoot your Dallas Overhead Door

Dallas Overhead Door repairs means its spring time.  Buds are coming out on trees.  Flowers are starting to bloom.  And that $%@#! Dallas overhead door needs repairs.  Maybe it will not close.  Or maybe it will not open.  Or maybe it is stuck halfway.  There could be any number of things.  It could be a problem with the remote.  Do the usual.  Check the batteries.  Check with the kids and make sure no one has dropped it.  Sometimes they will drop it on the ground and it will break.  And they will not tell you about it.  Maybe they forgot to tell you.  But maybe they were afraid they were going to get in trouble.  Sometimes they drop them in the pool.  To see what would happen.  If your Dallas Overhead door is on the bottom of the pool it will be time for a new remote.

Dallas Overhead Door Repair | American Best Door Service in Dallas, TX

So far we have gone over dropped remote.  And wet remote.  The pool kind of wet remote.  Salt water will also cause problems for your Dallas overhead door.  But lets move on.  If you have check the batteries.  And nothing terrible has happened to your remote.  It is time to troubleshoot.  Is the spring broken?  A broken overhead door spring could be the problem.  Have a professional Dallas overhead door person take care of it.  People have lost their fingers in these springs.  The door may also be blocked.  Make sure nothing is blocking the overhead door.  If something is blocking the door you should get it out of the way.  The best way to do this is to move it.  But don’t move it where it will be in the way somewhere else.  This will just be aggravating.  Sometimes it will make the problem worse.  But sometimes it will just make another problem.