Garage Door Opener Remote and Warranties.

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Garage Door Openers have a remote.  They will vary in quality.  Sometimes a homeowner will need a new garage door opener remote because one broke.  A garage door opener remote can get lost too.  Or it can get dropped on the floor and break.  Other bad things that can happen to a garage door opener remote are pretty funny.  We have heard a lot of funny stories.  Garage door openers have been dropped in wet cement.  They have been dropped in buckets of oil.  They have been dropped in horse manure.  And into toilets.

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Should I get a garage door opener remote warranty?

Garage Door Opener remote warranties are a good idea.  A warranty is an assurance.  It is an assurance that your garage door opener remote will work and be free of defects.  If your garage door opener remote does not work it will be replaced.  If you have a warranty.  Most garage door opener remotes come with warranties.  There is no extra charge.  Simply return the remote.  And it will be replaced.  Read the terms of your warranty to see the terms.  You may need to send the remote to the manufacturer.  Or it may be a better idea to take it back to the store.  Most of the time you will be able to get a new remote right away.  If you live in Plano, Dallas, Garland, Richardson, Frisco or McKinney Call American Best Door Service to find out more about garage door opener remotes.

What other options are there for a garage door opener remote?

Another option is to use your iphone, android or other smart phone as a garage door remote.  This can be a great choice.  You do not have to deal with another gadget.  You do not need to remember to replace batteries or charge yet one more thing.  Your iphone or other smart phone just needs an app.  It will be with you as long as you have your phone.  It is best not to leave your remote in your car.  Most people take their phones with them so there is less risk of theft from a vehicle.